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Art Notes

Burleigh Heads Beach mixed media 61x81cm

Burleigh Heads | Mixed Media | 61 X 81 cm |  2020 | $2600 AUD | Manyung Gallery

Angular rectangles and striped patterns command the viewer's attention. They aggressively define the space in the composition. The black dots, which represent the heads of each figure, help integrate the Burleigh Heads bathers into the black and white shapes. The bathing suits play a minor role and bring subtle strokes of color to the piece.

Heading 1

Noosa Main Beach mixed media 61x81cm 202

Noosa Main Beach | Mixed Media | 61 X 81 cm |  2020 |  $2600 AUD | Manyung Gallery

The background in Noosa Main Beach creates the dominant color. The figures are a lighter tint  of the  dull red that surrounds them. They lie in the composition seemingly oblivious to each other. The collaged pieces that define the bathing suits and beach towels were carefully selected in order for the patterns and shapes to integrate well into the image.

Whitehaven Beach monotype 57x79cm 2020$1

Whitehaven Beach | Monotype | 57 X 79 cm |  2020 | $2600 AUD | Manyung Gallery

This Whitehaven Beach monotype is unaltered. All of the other works in this series are begun with a monotype and enhanced with various papers that are applied directly on the print. After the print was pulled from the press, the minimalism and starkness of the work seemed to be enough.  The beach figures on the white paper, which imitates the sand, stand alone as a strong visual statement of a beach scene.

Bondi Beach Mixed media  48x60%22 2018 $

Bondi Beach | Mixed Media | 48" X 60" |  2019 |  $ 4,800 | Water Street Gallery

Bondi Beach is a large painting that explores the integration of collage and oil paint on a big surface. The figures were created using a template. The purpose of having each bather in the same gesture is to create a repetitive form that is altered by the patterns in the bathing suits and blankets. The graphic quality of the painting removes the idea that this is a scene of a beach and transforms the images into a more abstracted view of bathers. The fact the painting focuses only on females removes the concept of a connection with each other. They become anonymous and are perceived as a pattern of figures on patterns of paper.

Manifestantes II 18x36%22 mixed media 20

Manifestantes I | Mixed Media | 18'x36' |  2020 | $2000 | Private Collection 

Manifestantes I is a study in contrast. The flatness of the background versus the depth of the collaged figures. The movement of the shadows versus the protesters. The commonality in gesture suggests a loss of identity. The dark haired figures moving in the same direciton to the same destination. Cadmium red that surrounds the figures and the shadows is symbolic of heat, fire and passion .

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