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Artist Statement

i love crowds.

the energy in the figures

have given me the opportunity to explore 

 degrees of abstraction, pattern and imagery.

inspired by light, movement,social interaction.

i want to infuse these elements into my art.

to portray a balance of realism 

combined with loose abstraction.

causing one to compliment the other.


images I paint are people.

at dances, carnivals, sporting events, concerts

in restaurants, classrooms, nursing homes 

on beaches, city streets, subways.  


many of these places brought fun and companionship. 

a chance to experience the same place, event 

with a group of strangers.  


2020 has brought the world to a standstill.

people around us are no longer accessible.

 places shared together are no longer safe. 

crowds of people have become dangerous. 

people have become divided and antagonistic .


one day

gatherings of large groups of people 

will be okay. 

yet, it will never be the same. 

crowds now will carry anxiety, fear and trepidation. 

South Beach mixed media 48x60 2019 $4,80
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